Microcontroller as Pixelartist


Thursday, February 9, 2023


04:00 PM Europe/Berlin

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Join Elektor engineer Mathias Claussen and editor Brian Tristam Williams as they go in-depth about microcontrollers and video! 

In this free Elektor webinar, they will dive into the topics of graphics output and pixel generation with microcontrollers. Starting with composite video and moving forward with VGA, you will learn that even an inexpensive MCU can generate a DVI signal. They will also present how getting pixels nicely arranged involves some trickery! From 3D sprites to 3D graphics, with some creativity and a little insight from Elektor, amazing results are possible. Attend the webinar February 9, 2023, at 16:00 (Berlin time). 
Every attendee will have the opportunity to be part of our giveaway. You can win 1 out of 10 Display Kits !

Brian Tristam Williams

Brian Tristam Williams bought his first Elektor Magazine at 16, and has been orbiting our ecosystem ever since. From 2010, he began translating and editing for Elektor. Currently, he is an Editor (English) for Elektor Mag. You can find him on Twitter at @briantw.
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Mathias Claussen

Mathias Clau├čen started as a trained IT systems electronics technician and earned a BSc in Electrical and Information Engineering and a MSc in Microelectronic Systems. After this, he worked as a project engineer for embedded development and focused on ARM Cortex-M-based architectures and real-time operating systems. Mathias joined Elektor in 2018 as part of the Elektor Lab team focusing mainly on software.