Linux Graphics using the Ensemble Graphics Toolkit


Thursday, June 22, 2023


04:00 PM Europe/Berlin

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About the webinar: 

Microchip University provides you with the opportunity to learn more about general embedded control topics as well as Microchip, Atmel and Microsemi products. One of the courses Microchip University is offering is ‘Linux Graphics using the Ensemble Graphics Toolkit’.

The Ensemble Graphics Toolkit (EGT) is a C++ based toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI) for Microchip microprocessors running the Linux operating system. In the course you will learn about the structure of EGT and how you can use it to create simple graphical applications. Executing both on a host PC and an embedded target attendees will explore the rich widget and multimedia capabilities of EGT to create their own compelling user interfaces. During development the Eclipse IDE will be used to speed the process and allow debug of a remote target. A powerful feature of EGT is the ability to import and use scalable vector graphics as the framework for a GUI and the Inkscape tool will be used to create a GUI for use with EGT.

In this webinar, Clemens Valens (Elektor) and Darren Wenn (Microchip) will guide you through the course. They cover the most important aspects and give background information. They also show several videos from the course and go into more detail of the content of these videos. Of course, they will also answer all your questions in the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Darren Wenn

Darren Wenn is the Worldwide Group Leader for Microchip’s field-based software engineers. This group aims to help clients with their complex software problems and specializes in tools such as architecture, compilers, graphics, and of course Linux.

Darren obtained a Doctorate in Cybernetics from the University of Reading and has worked in the software industry for over 30 years. He built his first Linux kernel back in 1994 complete with Intel divide-by-zero patch. He has been employed by Microchip since 2005 and enjoys the variety of work and opportunities the company offers. When not in the office he can usually be found on the nearest mountain either on foot or on a mountain bike.

Clemens Valens

Clemens is the Technical Manager of Elektor Labs. He holds a B.Sc. in Electronics and an M.Sc. in Electronics and Information Technology. He currently produces engineering tutorials and product reviews at Elektor TV. Clemens is also responsible for the Elektor Labs community website, where electronics enthusiasts can publish their work and interact with peers from all over the world.